Conversation en anglais du 23 octobre 2017

Monday, October, 23

Good news! Conversations in English will be scheduled on Monday 23rd and Monday 30th October regardless of the holidays,

On the 23rd, we’ll start with some grammar and focus on present perfect, present perfect continuous and past simple, and how these tenses are to be used.

From mmmEnglish

Present perfect

From Anglo-link

Present perfect and present perfect continuous

Present perfect and past simple

Then, we’ll have a glance at the history of some inventions and see how playing and entertainment had a role in driving technical innovation.

from TED talks (6.39)

To conclude with, we’ll listen to, and read the lyrics of three unforgettable Beatles’ songs – and perhaps sing along. 

Norwegian Wood:

Help :


I look for seeing you on Monday night, same place, same hour.

Bye for now.


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