Conversations en anglais du 13 janvier 2020 à 20h30

Nos prochaines conversations en anglais auront lieu lundi 13 janvier à 20h30 au bureau du jumelage, 54 rue de Versailles

Conversations En Anglais 1

Pour participer et s’inscrire aux conversations en anglais :

Durant cette soirée, Jean-Louis Morgenthaler abordera avec les participants, les thèmes ci-dessous.

Dear friends,

Our next weekly Conversations in English are scheduled on Monday, January, 13. 

Please find below the docs I’m proposing as suppports for conversation.

Monday, January, 13


  1. Grammar

Past tenses

Did you know that the English language has no less than 4 past tenses plus a so-called present perfect, simple or progressive which is both a present and a past tense?

We will put some light on this tricky point.

  1. Vocabulary

Oxford Daily English Conversation

Part 4 : Happy Birthday

Part 4 will lead us into housing issues and vocabulary.

  1. Let’s en up with something funny – I mean, if there is still enough time left.

So, see you on Monday, 8: 30 PM, January, 6. We’ll meet as usually at our headquarters, rue de Versailles, 54. Our meeting room is first floor.

By the way, our entrance door is a plain white glass door without any sign or notice on it. Don’t be shy. Just push it and join us upstairs. See you soon.

Best regards.


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