Conversations en anglais le 2 décembre 2019 à 20h30

Conversations en anglais
Nos prochaines conversations en anglais auront lieu
le lundi 2 décembre 2019 à 20h30 au 54 rue de Versailles 78150 Le Chesnay.
Dear friends,
Our next Conversations in English are scheduled on Monday, December, 2.
As our video projector broke down last time, we couldn’t look at and discuss about the docs proposed on that Monday evening.
So, that’s the reason why I propose as an exception the same two docs I had proposed last week.
December, 2

1. Vocabulary
English Lessons with Adam
Phrasal verbs with get

2. British English
A long BBC situation comedy for English learners with lots of casual daily vocabulary to listen to in context and to memorize.

And to end with, why not listen once again to some great songs.
Feel free to pick up some English subtitled song of your own choice and to share it.
So, see you next Monday, 8: 30 PM, December, 2, at our headquarters, rue de Versailles, 54. Our meeting room is on the second second floor.
By the way, our entrance door is a plain white glass door without any sign or notice on it. Don’t be shy. Just push it and join us upstairs. See you soon.

Best regards.


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