Conversations en Anglais – lundi 20 novembre 2017 à 20h30

Nos prochaines conversations en anglais auront lieu le lundi 20 novembre 2017 à 20h30 au 1er étage du 50 rue de Versailles 78150 Le Chesnay.

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well and everything goes fine.

Here are my proposals for Monday, November 20.

Grammar and vocabulary

Phrasal verbs are still among the most hard-to-swallow piece of English vocabulary, aren’t they? So let’s put again some light in the awkward world of phrasal verbs.

Cangaru English


Weak forms and strong forms of some English words are another way to speak about the rhythm, the melody and the stress of the English sentence. Hope this short explanation may be helpful to improve our listening and speaking skills.

Oxford online English

How to pronounce English weak forms


Let’s put aside TED Talks for a while and take a look at comedy shows. Seth Mayer is, along with Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Trevor Noah one of the best known comedians who are really famous in the USA and abroad for their funny comments about the news. 

Seth Mayer

Culture and entertainment

And, as to conclude,  Christmas being now soon to come, let’s start a series of well known Christmas carols and songs.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Gayla Peevey

Happy Christmas. John Lennon

I wish everyone a very good week-end and I look forward to seeing you guys on Monday, same place, same hour.

I look forward to seeing you.



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