Conversation en anglais du lundi 12 février 2018

Conversations en anglais

Nos prochaines conversations en anglais auront lieu le lundi 12 février 2018 à 20h30 au 1er étage du 50 rue de Versailles 78150 Le Chesnay.

Dear Fellows and Friends,
Please, find below the topics I propose to put on the agenda of our next conversations, scheduled on Monday, February 12, 8.30 p.m.
“Jumelage” headquarters: 50, rue de Versailles.

1. Cangaro English – How to learn with games

2. Another insight into advanced grammar
Using participles and adding style to your writing

3. Tea
You will like discussing whether you are you tea or coffee, won’t you?

I look forward to seeing you on Monday 12.
All the best,


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