Conversations en anglais du lundi 15 janvier 2018 à 20h30

Nos prochaines conversations en anglais auront lieu le lundi 15 janvier 2018 à 20h30 au 1er étage du 50 rue de Versailles 78150 Le Chesnay.
Monday, January, 15
1. France and French Culture
A Kiwi view on France and French people

2. Fake News
Kurt Andersen How America got divorced from reality
A video from « Big Think »

3. Emotions
What are emotions ? Let’s listen to what neuro sciences can tell us about emotions

In addition, as I was asked to share them, here are two links with parodies of Christmas Carols we saw last Monday, off the agenda. (God made some scary gentlemen) (little duffer boy)

I look forward to seing you on Monday, 15, same place, same hour.


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