Conversations en anglais du lundi 16 décembre 2019

Nos dernières conversations en anglais (niveau B1-B2 – Intermédiaire) de l’année 2019 ont lieu le lundi 16 décembre 2019.


On vous attend !


Dear friends,

Our next weekly Conversations in English are scheduled on Monday, December, 16.  

Please find below the new docs I am proposing as suppports for a friendly conversation.

Monday, December, 16

1. We will start with some grammar

We will go back to some basic but tricky rules about English past tenses.

Past tenses:
Past simple Lesson 5 part 1
Past progressive lesson 5 part 2

2. Let’s play learning games
“What am I?”

3. British English practice and conversation
Let’s watch and listen to the second part of a BBC short film which aims at helping learners to practice daily conversation vocabulary. , Part 2 

And to end with, why not listen once again to some great English songs.

Feel free to pick up some English subtitled song of your own choice and to share it. 

So, see you next Monday, 8: 30 PM, December, 16. We’ll meet at our headquarters, rue de Versailles, 54. Our meeting room is first floor. 

By the way, our entrance door is a plain white glass door without any sign or notice on it. Don’t be shy. Just push it and join us upstairs. See you soon.

Best regards.


 PS. By the way, as someone asked me what level were our conversations, I’m pleased to say we are roughly level B1/B2. Does it help? 

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